ArtisticTools presentations

-Washington DC VAMC, Washington, DC
-North Texas Health Care System, Fort Worth, TX
-Coatesville VAMC, Coatesville, PA
-Dwight D. Eisenhower VAMC, Leavenworth, KS
-Eastern Kansas Health Care System, Topeka, KS
-Columbia Vet Center, Columbia, MO
-Kansas City VAMC, Kansas City, MO
-Jesse Brown VAMC, Chicago, IL
-Walter Reed National Military Medical Center, Bethesda, MD

-Bryan Escobedo, USMC, at Cantigny Military Museum, Wheaton, IL

-Jessica Clymer (USMC, Walter Reed/Bethesda Medical Center)

-Stephanie Morris (US Army, Walter Reed/Bethesda Medical Center)


Monthly Chicago Cable Access Network TV with Lt Col Lucilla Iberra
CAN TV program added to rotation: "National Anthem"



Artistic Tools presentations
-Bay Pines VA, Bay Pines, FL
-Long Beach VA, Long Beach, CA
-Prescott VA Prescott, AZ
-Madison VA, Madison, WI
-Denver VA, Denver, CO
-Pueblo VA Community Living Center, Pueblo, CO
-Hines VA, Maywood, IL
-Lovell VA, North Chicago, IL
-Cheyenne VA, Cheyenne, WY
-Black Hills Health Care System, Fort Meade, SD
-Syracuse VA, Syracuse, NY
-Coatesville VA, Coatesville, PA

-Leavenworth VA, Levenworth, KS

-Topeka VA, Topeka, KS

-State Veterans Home, Phoenix, AZ

-Erica Gabor, USMC, St Louis, MO

-Brooklyn VA, Brooklyn, NY

Monthly “Veterans in the Arts” Chicago cable TV series, with guests:
-John Stauffer, Vietnam Veteran (US Army) and glass sculptor
-Rick Simmons, Vietnam Veteran (US Navy) and artist
-Justin Bowles, USMC veteran and musician
-Jennifer Tario, USN veteran and poet
-Levi Moore, Executive Director of the National Veterans Art Museum

-Lt Colonel Lucilla Ibarra, US Army

-Lecture at the “Center for American Values” in Pueblo, CO (March and October)
-CAN TV program added to rotation: “Symphony for the Sons of Nam”, performed by the Air Force “Band of Flight” in Dayton, OH, in
November, 2011, composed by Vietnam Veteran Kimo Williams
-Creation of “Veterans in the Arts Resources” page at usvap.org.art.html

-Quarterly newsletter updates

-Performed and highlighted USVAP at the Newsweek/Daily Beasts' Hero Summit in Washington DC


Artistic Tools performances and presentations
- Central Iowa VAMC, DesMoines, IA

- Jesse Brown VAMC, Chicago, IL
- Tomah, WI, VAMC
- St. Cloud, MN, VAMC
- Minneapolis, MN, VAMC
- Hastings, MN, State Veterans’ Home
- Minneapolis, MN, State Veterans’ Home
- Dallas, TX, VAMC
- Ft. Worth Outpatient Clinic, Ft. Worth, TX
- Sam Rayburn Memorial Veterans Center in Bonham, TX
- Iraq veteran Mark Zambon (USMC), San Diego, CA
- Iraq veteran Joel Klobnak (USMC) (presented at the annual benefit in Chicago)

Monthly CAN TV broadcasts of “Veterans in the Arts” series featuring:
- Tom Nawrocki, writer
- Iris Feliciano, writer
- Danny Leake, sound engineer
- Mike Helbing, sculptor
- Kirk Garrison, musician
- Peter Bowse, filmmaker
- Mark Bowen, Recreation Therapist, Jesse Brown VAMC

- Dave Watling, Painter
- Joe Klass, musician
- Thomas R. Jones, playwrite

- “Meet and Greet” introductory event to create new student veteran organization at Columbia College Chicago

- CAN TV programs added into weekly rotation:  “Fanfare for Life” and “Faces of Vietnam”

- Workshop on “Intellectual Property and Arts Entrepreneurship” given at the National VA Creative Arts Festival in Fayetteville, AR
- “Me, My Guitar, and My M-16”: multi-media interactive lecture series by Kimo Williams, on music as a form of expression,
at the University of Wisconsin, Madison, and the Wisconsin Veterans Museum in Madison.


Artistic Tools performances and presentations
- Jefferson Barracks VAMC, St. Louis, MO
- White River Junction VAMC, White River Junction, VT
- Paul Plemmons and Paul Delacerda

Monthly CAN TV broadcasts of “Veterans in the Arts” series with:
- Konrad Hack, painter
- Kristin Bouwman, music therapist from Jesse Brown VAMC

- Performance at the “Welcome Home” event LZ-Lambeau Field in Green Bay, WI

- Performance at the Hue International Arts Festival in Hue, Vietnam, with Artist Tools presentation to Vietnamese Childrens’ Orphanage in Ho Chi Minh City

- Performance at Ho Chi Minh Conservatory

- CAN TV programs added into weekly rotation:“Empty Boots”, “American Soldier” and “America the Beautiful”

Individual Artistic Tools presented to Laura Naravez and Shane Parsons at annual USVAP benefit with Lt Dan Band at Joe's Bar in Chicago
Operation Homefront benefit concert with Kimo Williams Band
September: Artistic tools donation to Jorge DeLeon at the "Remembering Hendrix" concert/fundraiser at Joe's in Chicago
December: Williams and Williams (duo) perform at Snowball Express, Dallas, TX

Performance at Hue International Arts Festival in Hue, Vietnam with 20-member Kimotion Jazz music ensemble, in collaboration with Vietnamese musicians
Additional Kimotion concert at Ho Chi Minh Conservatory

Two-week workshops on Jazz improvisation and American Music History at Ho Chi Minh Conservatory

Composers Symposium in Hue, Vietnam

"River of Many Sides" multi-media presentation with Vietnamese Artists and American filmmakers

"New Music by Kimo Williams" in concert
"Reflections From a War": Pepperdine University, Malibu, CA, featuring Gary Sinise on bass, Vinnie Caluita on drums


Performance of "Symphony for the Sons of Nam" by the Ho Chi Minh Conservatory Orchestra
"Vietnam and the Music of Jimi Hendrix", Getz Theater, Columbia College, Chicago
Kimotion Ensembele performance excerpts from "War Stories", Getz Theater, Columbia College Chicago
"Four Views of a War" forum/symposium/concert featuring Vietnamese composer Dr. Nam from Vietnam, including visits to Chicago Public Schools to discuss the music of Vietnam

November: Kimotion concert at dance center of Columbia College Chicago, featuring Gary Sinise on bass

"What I Remember from the War", string quartet performance, National Vietnam Veterans Art Museum